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Natural Aphrodisiacs Natural Aphrodisiacs
“Hmmn, I think say he sabi do sef. Just one round him don pack up like vegetable.” “My wife is an awesome and hardworking... Natural Aphrodisiacs

“Hmmn, I think say he sabi do sef. Just one round him don pack up like vegetable.”

“My wife is an awesome and hardworking business executive, but when it comes to having sex with me, she’s just not in the game.”


Before marriage, it seems that sex can be eaten like food every time of the day during dating.

Some months or years after, life can get to you sometimes, squeezes the sex juices, and the bedroom becomes just a place for sleep.

Stress can get to us in such a way that sex becomes the last thing on a married couple’s mind.

That’s dangerous, isn’t it?

Physical intimacy is important and a healthy part of a committed relationship.

If, during the stress of day-to-day life, you let intimacy with your partner take a backseat, then you could be neglecting an important way to reconnect with each other.

For centuries, men and women have been searching for ways to enhance their sex life and make their sex life more pleasurable.

Do you want to rekindle that spark in your sex life? Ever heard of aphrodisiacs?

APRHODISIACS are substances that help increase sexual desire and stimulate arousal.

The stuff I am talking about is common locally available natural items that you probably already have in your refrigerator.

And if you don’t…then it’s time to go grocery shopping, because you’re going to love what these foods can do for your sex life.

I will be sharing some of these time honoured sex starters over time – on Sundays.

They’re :


2. Honey

3. Coconut Water

4. Basil (Nchanwu/Efirin). Sprinkle on Milk/Smoothie


6. Red wine

7. Watermelon and Milk Blend

8. Tea spiced with Nutmeg


10. Garlic

11. Avocado

12. Ginger as Spice and Ginger Tea

13. Almonds

14. Chilli pepper/Cayenne pepper

15. Carrots

16. Aloe Vera juice and Honey mix

17. Parsley

18. Coconut

19. Coconut Milk and Honey

20.Pineapple juice, Pawpaw, Coconut Smoothie

21. Banana

22. Sesame Seed and Honey Paste

23. Mint Tea

24. A meal of Rice

25. Dates

26. Dates, Milk, Cinnamon Blend

27. Fenugreek seeds

28. Cocoa powder

29. Mango

30. Cloves

31. Eggnog-Egg,Milk,Honey,Vannilla,Nutmeg Blend

32. Date, Coconut, Almond, Milk blend

33. Tiger Nuts

34. Tiger Nuts, Date,Coconut Blend

Do savour the moments of your life.

Keep tabs every Sunday.

I love your health.

Have a blissful day.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem

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