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Being vulnerable and vulnerabilities Being vulnerable and vulnerabilities
A few days ago, following a post I made, a dear one asked me, “What is great sex?” My response was, ” It will... Being vulnerable and vulnerabilities

A few days ago, following a post I made, a dear one asked me, “What is great sex?” My response was, ” It will be trashed on Sexy Sundays, do keep tabs.”


It stands to reason that during great sex, it is the woman, ‘THE PENETRATED ONE’, who holds the vulnerability.

After all, having a man push himself into your most sacred and sensitive opening is about the most surrendering and yielding experience one can imagine.

So, it’s understandable that while women are in the ‘receiving’ role sexually, and though not in all cases are usually less physically strong than their male partners, the vulnerability is held by the women.

I’d like to connect with you deeper in this vulnerability and share something I haven’t spoken about before.

It is extremely vulnerable for men to be ‘THE PENETRATOR’ too.

As much as men work on raising their sensitivities and empathy to women, they don’t know what it’s like to be ‘pushed into’.

Today, the social clime around men’s sexuality includes a lot of past trauma from abusive and violent sex or just insensitive or immature men who have and had no clue what they are doing to their women.

A great man wants to satisfy his woman and carries the burden of the woman’s expectations, and the ever-felt sexual wounds of the mistreated woman of the past, but most especially the fear of under performance.

This creates a very unique and sensitive vulnerability of it’s own for the men.

Women, speak up. Invite your man clearly and unmistakeably.

Only when your man is certain that your invitation is wholehearted and clear can you both melt into devotional service to pleasure.

Great men need total acceptance, unbridled by doubt from their women, to allow the strength of their male physicality to take over their women.

A great man wants to do two things : explode you into light and usher you to the door where you can dissolve into pure pleasure.

Though not in all cases, today’s women bear the scars of past, male-dominated, unfeeling sexual experiences which I would call ‘LOG IN AND LOG OUT SYNDROME.’

So the idea that great sex is for men only or for women only is a busted myth! It should be and can be enjoyed by both.

Great sex should be pleasurable and satisfying to both.

It’s disappointing that most males are not taught about great sex while our women were groomed in fattening rooms and made to believe that great sex was only about pleasure and satisfaction of the male.

For men who carry the dictatorial air of sexually incontinent forefathers, women don’t want you to bring that trauma into the bedroom any more.

It’s in the way of having incredible, heart-bursting sexual experience.

Great men don’t want to abuse you, trigger you into past trauma or in any way “mistranslate” your wants or needs.

Great men would hate to accidentally touch you in a way that jarred you or misread your passion.

So, if you notice their hesitancy or any held-back-ness, please do not translate this as any lack of desire on their part.

ONLY invite your man clearly and unmistakeably. Let him know what you want.

It is erroneous to assume he knows what you like. It is erroneous to assume she knows what you like.
Her vulnerability is his vulnerability.

His vulnerablity is her vulnerability.

Allow yourselves melt deeper into it together and step into bliss!!

Have a Sunday filled with bliss!

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem

Nkem Ndiche Director

Medical Doctor | Your Favourite Family Physician | Entrepreneur | Lifestyle And Organic Chef | Author. Kano,Nigeria 234064

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