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Walk it out! Walk it out!
I was in Ghana for a conference and there was this elderly British couple who were just bubbling with life. Towards the evening sessions... Walk it out!

I was in Ghana for a conference and there was this elderly British couple who were just bubbling with life.

Towards the evening sessions they would begin murmuring, “This session has got to round up, we got someplace to go.”

I would just look over at them wondering what these “oyinbos” were up to.

I later found out that they were actually taking walks and would not let late sessions deter them.

For some, though they have tried everything, walking remains their workout of choice for fitness and weight control.

I truly believe it is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape.

Not only is it free, anyone can do it and you do not need any equipment to begin.

It is easy on the joints, and I believe it helps with appetite control. Unlike running, I feel less hungry after walking, not more.

To get yourself up and walking and have a good time along the way, kindly follow these tips.

1. Check with your doctor

Walking does work for just about everybody, but bumping up your activity level does put strain on your muscles, joints, and heart.

If you have not been exercising, it is a good idea to run it by your doctor.

Once you begin, stay alert for signs you are overdoing it. Our bodies communicate to us. Always listen to your body and pay attention to its signals.

Nausea, pain, and lightheadeness can all be signals that you are exerting yourself too much.

Other red flags include chest pain, pain that shoots down your arm or up your neck, or severe headaches. If you develop them, stop your workout and check with your physician.

2. Gear up.

If you have got the go ahead signal from your physician, that is good.

Your next stop should be a sporting goods shoe store, where you could pick up a pair of good quality sneakers.

Go a half a size up from your regular work shoes because feet tend to swell when you exercise.

Walking does not require a closetful of expensive athletic wear, but investing in a few key pieces can make you more comfortable on the sidewalk or path.

Females should start with the right sports bra which should support but not squish.

These help especially endowed ladies, because the boobs and the body should be in sync during exercise and not boobs doing flip flops on one side.

When buying, try a few on and do some jumps in the dressing room; you might feel silly, but it is worth it.

Look for tops and bottoms in moisture-wicking fabrics which soak up sweat to keep you comfortable, dry, and chafe-free. Choose styles with a bit of stretch, so they do not pinch you.

In cold weather, pad up because you have to want to be protected from the elements but shed them with time as you warm up during the workout.

I will be sharing more subsequently, do keep tabs!

I love you, I love your health.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem.

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