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Enough, let’s reinvent old wives tales Enough, let’s reinvent old wives tales
A few days ago a dear one said to me ‘Doctor you always talk about great sex. How does one have great sex?’ Like... Enough, let’s reinvent old wives tales

A few days ago a dear one said to me ‘Doctor you always talk about great sex. How does one have great sex?’

Like I would always say and said to her ‘everyone deserves to enjoy great sex, but great sex involves two.’ Here are a few tips:

1. Learn to relax:

Learning to relax is by far the most important sex tip I can give you if you are serious about reaching your sexual potential.

Just so you know, it is not as easy as telling you to ‘just relax.’

Sex does not have to be in bedroom.

So how can you ‘learn to relax’?

Touch can not be over emphasized here.

As a lady, if you want to build sexual tension, keep your man thinking about you by turning him on, then use words and  phrases.

As a man, just think outside the box.

2. The longer the build up, the better:

Quickies are great, they can be hot and explosive.

If you want to give your lady strong orgasms, a long slow build up is much, much better.

So how slow is slow?

Set the mood. It can literally be all day long. It is dependent on you .

It could start in the morning, with some flirty texts between you and your man.

Then in the evening you could go for a nice romantic meal together. After the meal, when you return home, you should draw out foreplay for at least thirty minutes to an hour, then slowly graduate to having sex; and please don’t keep looking at your time piece because it will become a distraction.

Go as far as your imagination can take you. Not ‘two minute noodles-sex,’ but nice and slow sex.

The purpose is to slowly build your woman up towards orgasm.

You will find that this slow build up will make it far easier for your woman to orgasm and could even lead to multiple orgasms.

As well as finding it easier to orgasm, you’ll also find it easier to have multiple orgasms using a slow build up.

3. Tasting time

This goes to the men. By ‘tasting time,’ I mean teasing and foreplay.

Sometimes it is great when your man is aggressive and wants to turn you on as fast as possible.

The problem here is that most men seem to think that this is the only type of foreplay.

The goal of ‘tasting time’ is to turn your lady on slowly and to tease her with sexual gratification.

The premise of tasting time’ is to bring the lady to the edge, back off, and do it all over again.

I will share more subsequently on this. Do keep tabs.

Have an explosive Sunday.

I love you, I love your health

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem.

Nkem Ndiche Director

Medical Doctor | Your Favourite Family Physician | Entrepreneur | Lifestyle And Organic Chef | Author. Kano,Nigeria 234064

  • Peace Elechi

    September 25, 2016 #1 Author

    Great tips there doctor. I really hope our men will learn patience when it comes to foreplay. And like you said, it mustn’t always be the regular finger clitoris foreplay,no! Learn to explore your lady’s body and discover other sensuous part of her body and tickle her with your breath,kisses and touch. You see when we do the same thing, follow same pattern every we want to make love, it becomes boring and uninteresting. So…I strongly support Dr Dileem; please think outside the box.

    Peace Elechi: sex/marriage coach.


    • Nkem Ndiche

      September 27, 2016 #2 Author

      Awesome comment there. You are so right. Thank you so much!


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