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Must Dos For Your Boob-Health
October is BOOB month but I will not fail to make my contribution I love my boobs and I know many love theirs too. Our men too are crazy about the boobs of their ladies. It is sad that in this part of the world, the lives of many... Read more
Why Your Baby Snores
Snoring babies are an interesting phenomenon. On countless occasions friends have asked me why their babies suddenly start snoring or sleeping with their mouths open. Some have even asked if pills could make the snoring disappear. This medical condition is poorly understood by lay men and can be very... Read more
Pit Paste Homemade Deodorant
In my post here , I shared on anti perspirants and deodorants. In the comments section, many requested I share my secret recipe for my homemade deodorant. I did promise to share it and I have finally got round to doing that. There are basically three categories: The push... Read more
The American Wonder Drink I Had
Few days ago I went visiting a friend and while we got chatting, she served me what I would call a ‘designer drink.’ It was a canned drink made of some pulp. I told her I never knew it came packaged like that and she told me she bought... Read more
Who Stole My Undies?
Way back in school, there were many incidents of underwears being lost or stolen and it always amazed me. I remember as kids, under panties were not shared and if one had to do away with old ones, moms would cut them up in pieces and burn them so... Read more
10 Tips To Prevent Car Motion Sickness
  My baby brother came into town the other day and while I was excited having him around, it suddenly became a ‘day-mare’. He came by road and was tired; he had a headache and decided to lie down. The next thing was I heard him vomiting. He vomited... Read more
10 Tips To Prevent Ulcer Symptoms At Home
It is my baby brother’s birthday today. This year, he happens to be celebrating it with me because he came around. You can pop in to partake in the goodies; we would be glad. He had a funny experience which I will be sharing subsequently. In other news, I... Read more
My Food App Savvy Client
  Have you ever used food apps and ended up confused and frustrated?   My friend breezed into my clinic to seek advice based on tons of food apps he was using. He had become confused in the long run and needed my help.   These days the desire... Read more
Seed Mylk
Nigerian egusi seed is so rich and I feel its use in only Nigerian soups is restricting. I was desirous of a drink and my pantry was empty. I only had a large bowl full of Nigerian egusi seeds my mom brought for me when she came visiting from... Read more
So Your Menses Heralds Bumps?
  Bimpe who’s 17years strolled into the clinic but found it difficult to disclosing to me that she had bumps on her vulva because she found it embarassing.   Lots of teenagers that are new to the business of seeing their menses seem to be troubled by rashes and... Read more