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Are You Allergic To Semen?
Bimbo was newly married and dreaded the act of sex with her husband. She cooked up excuses any time her boo made moves to make love to her. She had sought help in many places to no avail. Several failed treatments later, she walked in to my clinic. After... Read more
Expired Drugs And Death Of A Star, Protect Yourself
Just few days ago, the music industry was hit with the sad news of the death of one of our beloved gospel singers, Eric Arubayi. He was in his thirties and was married with a kid. Unconfirmed reports stated that his death was as a result of his consumption... Read more
ABC Of Lassa Fever,Kill ‘Em Rats
While in class during medical school, my lecturer described fevers that led to bleeding (a.k.a haemorrhagic fevers). Of special interest was Lassa Fever because it was first described in 1969 from a patient seen in the town of Lassa, Borno State Nigeria. What a discovery! Rat poisons and rat... Read more
Imagine Being Mobbed By Lepers
Travelling down to Eastern Nigeria from Lagos over the years, I remember that as we approached Delta State, we would see lepers thronging the highways. Some of them begged alms, while others hawked items. Apparently, they came onto the highways from the government marked lepers’ community around there. Seeing... Read more