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Dr Dileem Overnight Oats
Growing up, cooked oats was a nay for me. It just would not go past my mouth no matter how hard i tried. I then grew to love raw oats. Now the recipe i will be sharing today is a great one that is safe for diabetics, obese, hypertensives... Read more
6 Important Things You Must Know About Conjoined Twins
As a Nigerian and a physician, it excites me when I hear of medical milestones in Nigeria. Only a few days ago, four month old conjoined twins who were joined from the umbilicus to the lower thorax (omphalopagus) were successfully separated in Yola, Northern Nigeria. Conjoined twins are also... Read more
Dr Dileem 2 Ingredient Organic Bean Cookie
I have always been adventurous in the kitchen. In addition, being a physician gave me a new perspective and i saw the need for healthy snacks for those with dietary cautions. For years i have been itching to continue this passion of mine, but postgraduate academics got in my... Read more
5 effective ways to prevent children falling into a well
It was a sad morning I woke up to. News just reached me that an eight year old while playing, fell into the well in the compound he lived and he drowned within minutes. The fire service in Kano was alerted and got to the scene twelve minutes after... Read more