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Valentine Flavoured Condoms
Valentine’s is fraught with many ‘wonders shall never end stories.’ Fantasies permeate the atmosphere and Dicks and Ginas look to impress. I shared about various condom types to help achieve pleasurable safe sex for both Dick and Gina during valentine’s and I also shared about the real deal for... Read more
LifeSaver: Tip For Vomiting Baby
I was called up at midnight by a nursing mother who happened to be my neighbour. It was a case of episodes of vomiting in her 9 month old baby. Obviously , it wan an unholy hour to be out. As a nursing mother, you need the tips shared... Read more
Free Guide To Visualization- Vision Board
  Hi, I received this book for free from the author Joe Vitale a renowed expert in Vision Boards via an email link. I first came in contact with |Joe when i saw him featured in ‘The Secret’ movie by Rhonda Byrne. This book worked for me, it works... Read more