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If your face mask hurts your ears, try this hack
A couple of days ago, some clients reached out to me following the development of sores on the back of their ears resulting from the use of face masks. This irritation is commonly seen among those with large ears, though anyone can develop such irritation. I decided to share... Read more
Pre Covid I shared about the damage caused to the eyes by prolonged exposure to devices. The key take aways included symptoms and how to mitigate them right in the home using techniques and apps. More children now have their own personal devices in this  covid era. On the... Read more


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I am  Doctor Dileem, a consultant and board certified family physician interested in helping you live at your healthiest using food and lifestyle. I help stave off unwanted and unexpected visits to the emergency departments of Hospitals by helping YOU and YOUR FAMILIES make HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES! We offer... Read more
Protected: Affirmations for Learning for Kids
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more
How To Make a Face Shield Right In The Comfort of Your Home
The 2019 elections was rife with new vocabulary; the word ‘Inconclusive’ was right at the tip of the tongues of ever Dick and Harry; it became the new street parlance as jokes and comic relief were birthed which utilized ‘Inconclusive’ as a theme. The novel corona virus Covid-19 pandemic... Read more
Face Masks

Face Masks

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Masks are the in thing in  Nigeria now o. Read more
Valentine Flavoured Condoms
Valentine’s is fraught with many ‘wonders shall never end stories.’ Fantasies permeate the atmosphere and Dicks and Ginas look to impress. I shared about various condom types to help achieve pleasurable safe sex for both Dick and Gina during valentine’s and I also shared about the real deal for... Read more
LifeSaver: Tip For Vomiting Baby
I was called up at midnight by a nursing mother who happened to be my neighbour. It was a case of episodes of vomiting in her 9 month old baby. Obviously , it wan an unholy hour to be out. As a nursing mother, you need the tips shared... Read more
Free Guide To Visualization- Vision Board
  Hi, I received this book for free from the author Joe Vitale a renowed expert in Vision Boards via an email link. I first came in contact with |Joe when i saw him featured in ‘The Secret’ movie by Rhonda Byrne. This book worked for me, it works... Read more
50 Other Names For Sugar
It is a known fact that manufacturers often attempt to disguise sugar by simply adding a sugar by another name. Below are other terms used for refined sugar to look for when reading ingredient labels. 1.Barley malt 2.Beet sugar 3.Brown sugar 4.Buttered syrup 5.Carob syrup 6.Cane juice crystals 7.Cane... Read more