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How To Make Homemade Push Up Deodorant
Kuudee, my bossom friend loves to smell good. She uses lots of perfumes, sprays and deodorants. Before I made the transition to homemade deodorants, I used to buy from her. She became interested in how to make homemade deodorant bars/push up/roll up deodorants after I shared a recipe on... Read more
Pit Paste Homemade Deodorant
In my post here , I shared on anti perspirants and deodorants. In the comments section, many requested I share my secret recipe for my homemade deodorant. I did promise to share it and I have finally got round to doing that. There are basically three categories: The push... Read more
The American Wonder Drink I Had
Few days ago I went visiting a friend and while we got chatting, she served me what I would call a ‘designer drink.’ It was a canned drink made of some pulp. I told her I never knew it came packaged like that and she told me she bought... Read more
Seed Mylk
Nigerian egusi seed is so rich and I feel its use in only Nigerian soups is restricting. I was desirous of a drink and my pantry was empty. I only had a large bowl full of Nigerian egusi seeds my mom brought for me when she came visiting from... Read more
How To Make Homemade Nut Milk
I was discussing with my friends the other day about how a variety of drinks could be made at home. By the time I drew up a list of the drinks I make at home, they could only shake their head in amazement. They then went on and on... Read more
Homemade Cereal-Grain Milk
Only yesterday, I was counselling a mother on the need to increase milk intake for her toddler. She heaved a sigh and said ‘Likita, a mini satchet of milk is now fifty naira. I am not able to afford it.’ I went on to share with her alternatives that... Read more
Watermelon Cucumber Juice
Having been a brownie in my early years, being always prepared was a cliché that stuck hard. Having being away recently on a clinical posting in a village for a short time, I was overwhelmed with gift loads of fruits from the locals when it was time to leave.... Read more
Getting your smoothie on
Bisola is no fan of fruits because in the home she grew up, fruits were rarely eaten. She had decided to take a good step towards healthy living, but found out that fruits were just not her forte. She met with me and we discussed other ways she could... Read more
Homemade fermented fruit skin drink
Following my post on fruit skin drinks many male respondents requested a ‘mature drink’. So what I will share today looks and tastes like non alcoholic wine. I will be sharing on HOMEMADE FERMENTED FRUIT SKIN DRINK. This recipe is not complicated and can be served at a meal... Read more
Pineapples are great for you!
At some point when I was much younger, mom had to instill in my siblings and I, the habit of eating mango skins along with the fruit. When possible, eat the skin of your fruits as this has a lot of health benefits. This is the case of pineapple... Read more