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Homemade fermented fruit skin drink
Following my post on fruit skin drinks many male respondents requested a ‘mature drink’. So what I will share today looks and tastes like non alcoholic wine. I will be sharing on HOMEMADE FERMENTED FRUIT SKIN DRINK. This recipe is not complicated and can be served at a meal... Read more
Pineapples are great for you!
At some point when I was much younger, mom had to instill in my siblings and I, the habit of eating mango skins along with the fruit. When possible, eat the skin of your fruits as this has a lot of health benefits. This is the case of pineapple... Read more
Homemade fruit skin drink
When I was much younger, mom used to make these medicinal drinks using some herbs and tree barks for my siblings and I to drink. I must say that we never looked forward to those times because the drink was bitter. My grandmother did same but with left over... Read more
Homemade iced tea
A friend called me recently following a post I shared on drinking infused water. She said, “Doctor, I have started taking infused water and it’s really nice, but is it only this ‘your designer Agbo’ that I will be drinking?” It got me laughing. While I commended her efforts,... Read more
Infused Water
The question ‘Doctor, What Should We Be Drinking?’ has hit my inbox for the umpteenth time following a post I shared before. A dear one even told me she is confused about what to take. Let’s get this clearly : In general 1. Avoid carbonated and fizzy drinks (also... Read more
Do it yourself ‘bottled salad’ kits
This is the concluding segment to a post I shared before. So, having all your salad items ready , remember the golden rule- Make sure the leaves of the vegetables are dry by drying with a kitchen towel or serviette. Then assemble in the empty mayonnaise jar. The rule... Read more
Bottled Salad Kits
I am a big time salad girl. This helps provide my daily requirements. It has come to my understanding that many Nigerians now want to eat more vegetables, but don’t know how to without getting it all messed up. Another set of people are afraid of eating vegetable salad... Read more
Based on my broadcast yesterday, I saw the need by many Nigerians to have locally brewed tea that is healthy to drink. So, today, I’m going to show you how you can make your own homemade ‘SKINNY TEA’ from our own plants here in Nigeria. What you need: 1.... Read more
Fruit and veggie wash
Doctors say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It shows the importance of fruits and vegetables in keeping us alive and healthy. Quite painful is that when you visit our open markets, you’ll see fruits and vegetables ‘fighting’ with flies. That can easily put off anyone, right?... Read more
Got puffy eyes?
Do It Yourself Tip. Do you wake up on some days with puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes like one who cried sore at a burial? Has it been bothering you that yearned to reduce the occurrence? Did you know that lying or sleeping on your back... Read more