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12 Amazing Tricks To Prevent Stomach Trouble This Festive Season
A Day In The Life Of A Family Physician. One of the interesting thing about festive periods is that it is also a season for us physicians. It is that time or season for stomach upsets, indigestion and the whole gamut. The problem; many do not know better. The... Read more
15 Guaranteed Ways To Prevent House Fire Accidents
Hello beautiful, it is quite cold and dry in Kano. I started writing this piece some days ago and it was interrupted. However, it took experiencing another victim for me to focus and conclude this. You know you matter to me. So, I was in the emergency department when... Read more
Why Ordinary Chest Pain Can Turn Fatal
I woke to missed calls on my phone. Ah!Ah! Why could big bros call me so late at night? I panicked and returned the call. Below is our conversation: Him: Madam, you don’t pick calls anymore. I got tired of calling you. I had an emergency Me: I’m sorry... Read more
Oga, How Do You Tell The Kid Is Yours?
Longji was found wondering along the streets of Chip in Plateau State. He was found by some good Samaritans. This led to a tussle for Longji as two families claimed ownership of him. See details here Mosunmola, a student in Ogun state college of health technology is pregnant and... Read more
When Last You Checked Your Blood Pressure
My baembe is so full of life and bubbly. She is a model and an intelligent diva. She knows how to hold her own and is full of love. She can be really cheeky and she is a handful atimes. She is a healthy eater too. I enjoy it... Read more
Imagine Being Mobbed By Lepers
Travelling down to Eastern Nigeria from Lagos over the years, I remember that as we approached Delta State, we would see lepers thronging the highways. Some of them begged alms, while others hawked items. Apparently, they came onto the highways from the government marked lepers’ community around there. Seeing... Read more
I Fell Ill With Tonsillitis Too
The temperature came down to 12 degrees Celsius though, there was no snow to show for it here it Kano. I was beginning to feel feverish and I had difficulty swallowing. That night I drank hot ginger tea like a fish. I woke up the next morning with a... Read more
Why You Should’nt Be Excited To Be A Civil Servant
 Deb is a young civil servant who was excited to get a permanent employment with the Nigerian government. This meant she was pensionable. She was excited about her job and was self-motivated as many colleagues of hers were not able to land same quality of her good fortune. She... Read more
So You Still Experience Back Pain
They say you bounce when you walk. Your gait is bent. You are hunched over. You can’t even sit properly on a backless chair. In addition to the tips I shared  here, here are more steps towards achieving good posture and preventing back pain: Arm-across-chest stretch: Raise your right arm to shoulder... Read more


Family Health Wednesday September 27, 2016 0

The rainy season has fully set in. Are the rains in your area as heavy as mine? Or they fall in trickles? In any case, rainwater is one source of drinking water in many parts. There are various sources of potable water – waterworks, spring water, borehole, bottled water,... Read more