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At Ease! Attention!
Old or young, you can improve your posture and turn away back pain by practising these few steps towards good posture. 1. Shoulder blade squeeze: Sit up straight in a chair with your hands resting on your thighs. Keep your shoulders down and your chin straight. Slowly draw your... Read more
Ouch! My Back Hurts!
Tosan, a young lady in her late twenties works at the desk in her office. Tosan recently began experiencing recurrent back pain. She initially thought it was nothing and became worried as the recurrence persisted and the back pain became more unbearable. Back pain is quite on the increase... Read more
Kit up and walk it off
Josephine had a weakness for driving everywhere, even to shop entrances and making purchases without alighting from her car. She barely took walks. Many circumstances stalled her from taking walks and she asked me to help out. We had a session where she shared with me some circumstances she... Read more
Walk it out!
I was in Ghana for a conference and there was this elderly British couple who were just bubbling with life. Towards the evening sessions they would begin murmuring, “This session has got to round up, we got someplace to go.” I would just look over at them wondering what... Read more
Help! Everytime I go for a run and sweat, I have an itching attack!
I just received message from a dear one who loves to exercise but is limited by bouts of severe itching once he begins to sweat. He complained that many times the episodes cause him to make involuntary dance steps in a bid to control his urge to scratch decently.... Read more
More benefits of exercise
Do you have a supporters’ club? I hitched a ride with a friend sometime ago and we got talking about exercise. He is middle-aged and slim built. I’m not sure if he has six packs, but he happens to be hypertensive and comes from a hypertensive family. He decided... Read more
Benefits of exercise
Following one of my posts recently, some sent me a message saying ‘Doctor I Want To Lose Weight Without Stress!’ My reply, ‘There is nothing like that.’ You Know You Must Exercise But You Dread It In the recent past I have received messages, calls about weight loss, from... Read more
Trying to lose weight and frustrated?
You should keep these in mind. This is subsequent to a post that I shared before. 1. For women, visible change is 80% diet and 20% exercise. 2. Carbohydrates are neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but the way you eat them make a huge difference. 3. Sports specific supplements can... Read more
Losing weight without stress
A couple of days ago, following a post i made, a dear one asked me how to lose weight without stress. My reply, ‘There is intentional weight loss which is when you consciously take steps over time to lose weight’. ‘There is unintentional weight loss-which happens when one is... Read more
Are you fat?
Are you fat? Do you think drinking weight loss teas is the remedy? There is DANGER! I have a friend who desperately wants to lose weight. As a friend and physician I have encouraged her, but she has not summoned enough motivation to start what it takes to slim... Read more