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50 Other Names For Sugar
It is a known fact that manufacturers often attempt to disguise sugar by simply adding a sugar by another name. Below are other terms used for refined sugar to look for when reading ingredient labels. 1.Barley malt 2.Beet sugar 3.Brown sugar 4.Buttered syrup 5.Carob syrup 6.Cane juice crystals 7.Cane... Read more
Why You Should Eat More Okro
I love okro soup and snacks made with okro. Okro soup is my go to when I have to prepare a ‘sharp sharp’ soup. Okro is widely available and many resort to it when they have to be frugal in the ktichen; I resort to okro soup at every... Read more
My Food App Savvy Client
  Have you ever used food apps and ended up confused and frustrated?   My friend breezed into my clinic to seek advice based on tons of food apps he was using. He had become confused in the long run and needed my help.   These days the desire... Read more
When To Take Dietary Supplements
The MLM companies have promoted the issue of supplements so much that balance is key. How vitamins and other dietary supplements can contain about anything. In Nigeria, our peculiar environment; we are in charge of ensuring the safety of what we put into and on our bodies. In our... Read more
Some Of Your Worst Enemies!
Ama loved couching with packs of chips while watching television. She knew she needed to ditch the habit and move on to alternatives that were health friendly. Like many people around the world, she was just stuck! You have tried hard to embrace healthy eating, but what else might... Read more
Love salt?

Love salt?

Foodie friday September 1, 2016 2

Growing up, we had these sets of visitors who always asked for extra salt whenever mom served them meals. They would sprinkle salt even on pawpaw. Ludicrous! Later, dad picked up the habit. Before he even tasted the food, he will add extra salt. Others believe that taking extra... Read more
Do you use artificial sweetners?
Artificial sweeteners have a rocky reputation and Nigerians are beginning to indulge in them. Many buy them for their older or diabetic parents. There are several different types of artificial sweeteners, including aspartame; saccharine, and sucralose . If you use them there are other things you need to know... Read more
Do you cook with seasoning cubes?
One of my hobbies is cooking! For years now, I have successfully discontinued the use of popular seasoning cubes in my cooking and I use natural alternatives. Here is why: Commercial seasoning cubes and others in same category are actually food additives. In popular media adverts, they are tagged... Read more
Do you take soft drinks?
Taking Nigerian soft drinks is a habit many pick up during university days due to a lot of reasons. I used to be addicted to CocaCola and consciously had to cut down over some years. I was at an event some days ago and I was so thirsty, I... Read more
After the reggae,then the booze
My philosophy is that you are better off without. I haven’t had a drop for decades, and never ever feel I am missing out. You can dramatically cut down on your alcohol consumption or give it up. I’m not intrinsically against it, and actually studies have shown that red... Read more