I love you and I love your health

Pre Covid I shared about the damage caused to the eyes by prolonged exposure to devices. The key take aways included symptoms and how to mitigate them right in the home using techniques and apps. More children now have their own personal devices in this  covid era. On the... Read more
How To Make a Face Shield Right In The Comfort of Your Home
The 2019 elections was rife with new vocabulary; the word ‘Inconclusive’ was right at the tip of the tongues of ever Dick and Harry; it became the new street parlance as jokes and comic relief were birthed which utilized ‘Inconclusive’ as a theme. The novel corona virus Covid-19 pandemic... Read more
LifeSaver: Tip For Vomiting Baby
I was called up at midnight by a nursing mother who happened to be my neighbour. It was a case of episodes of vomiting in her 9 month old baby. Obviously , it wan an unholy hour to be out. As a nursing mother, you need the tips shared... Read more
12 Amazing Tricks To Prevent Stomach Trouble This Festive Season
A Day In The Life Of A Family Physician. One of the interesting thing about festive periods is that it is also a season for us physicians. It is that time or season for stomach upsets, indigestion and the whole gamut. The problem; many do not know better. The... Read more
15 Guaranteed Ways To Prevent House Fire Accidents
Hello beautiful, it is quite cold and dry in Kano. I started writing this piece some days ago and it was interrupted. However, it took experiencing another victim for me to focus and conclude this. You know you matter to me. So, I was in the emergency department when... Read more
11 Tips To Prevent Swimming Accidents At Home
I have been crying all day because I am a fan of DBanj. I have been asking myself over and over again how this could have happened. Well, mistakes happen. SO, THE KOKOMASTER LOST HIS ONLY CHILD WHO WAS ONLY ONE YEAR OLD IN A SWIMMING INCIDENT IN THEIR... Read more
Why Ordinary Chest Pain Can Turn Fatal
I woke to missed calls on my phone. Ah!Ah! Why could big bros call me so late at night? I panicked and returned the call. Below is our conversation: Him: Madam, you don’t pick calls anymore. I got tired of calling you. I had an emergency Me: I’m sorry... Read more
5 effective ways to prevent children falling into a well
It was a sad morning I woke up to. News just reached me that an eight year old while playing, fell into the well in the compound he lived and he drowned within minutes. The fire service in Kano was alerted and got to the scene twelve minutes after... Read more
5 simple exercises you must try if you snore
Following my earlier post about snoring, there was a call for exercises to manage snoring. Snoring is a pain to the snorer and those who sleep with or around the snorer. Here are five simple exercises you can try at home or even while driving to work. 1. Tongue... Read more
Guaranteed Ways To Control Snoring
I fall asleep easily and get a headache when my sleep is interrupted. Whenever aunty Didi came visiting, I prayed fervently for her departure. Initially I thought there was some human generator in the house, because that was what she sounded like until I learnt the word-SNORING! Aunty Didi... Read more