I love you and I love your health

Are You Well Nourished?
Still in the spirit of celebrating the World Family Doctors Week, I was invited by YAF to do what I do best as a Health Educator. Of course, I briefly danced around the subject of DEPRESSION. We went further to discuss about many pleasant things via an interactive session... Read more
World Family Doctors Day 2017
As a family physician,I get fulfilment from satisfaction written on the faces of patients of different ages and their families;it is exhilarating! I get excited when we have to mark the world family doctors’day every year. This year, the theme is ‘CURBING DEPRESSION.‘ The news is agog with stories... Read more
When Last You Checked Your Blood Pressure
My baembe is so full of life and bubbly. She is a model and an intelligent diva. She knows how to hold her own and is full of love. She can be really cheeky and she is a handful atimes. She is a healthy eater too. I enjoy it... Read more
Teenager poisons her boss with rat poison. Man dies after drinking sniper pesticide. 9 month old baby accidentally drinks kerosene. Woman drinks pesticide. Man accidentally drinks herbicide. These headlines scream and jump at us from the tabloids daily. To be poisoned is to ingest a poisonous substance accidentally or... Read more
Important Things Everyone MUST Know About Albinism.
Mrs K was the headmistress of my primary school years back. She was well educated and a very intelligent woman. She had a very handsome husband who fit the description of tall, dark and handsome with five lovely children. Mrs K was tall, light skinned and beautiful. I noticed... Read more
Ziworitin Keke, a 59year old man was a renowned traditional circumcision expert who lived in a rural community in riverine Bayelsa. He had performed over 1000 circumcisions and counting. On this fateful day, he asked for his 8-9 month old step grandson to be brought for circumcision. He was... Read more
Major Risk Women Fail To Consider Before Opting For Abortion
Somewhere in Cross Rivers, Mr. Sunday Udofia took his beloved wife Mrs. Uduak Udofia, to see Godswill. Godswill was the local drug dispenser a.k.a Chemist in the community. Mrs. Udofia had been ill and the couple recently found out she was pregnant. Mr. Sunday wanted Godswill to terminate his... Read more
Danger Of Exposure To Fumes
Few days ago a female final year student of UNIZIK was killed by fumes from a generator in an unventilated room. In medical parlance, this is called carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a preventable medical emergency. When I perceive fumes from my neighbour’s gigantic old lister, carbon... Read more
Expired Drugs And Death Of A Star, Protect Yourself
Just few days ago, the music industry was hit with the sad news of the death of one of our beloved gospel singers, Eric Arubayi. He was in his thirties and was married with a kid. Unconfirmed reports stated that his death was as a result of his consumption... Read more
ABC Of Lassa Fever,Kill ‘Em Rats
While in class during medical school, my lecturer described fevers that led to bleeding (a.k.a haemorrhagic fevers). Of special interest was Lassa Fever because it was first described in 1969 from a patient seen in the town of Lassa, Borno State Nigeria. What a discovery! Rat poisons and rat... Read more