I love you and I love your health

Are You Well Nourished?
Still in the spirit of celebrating the World Family Doctors Week, I was invited by YAF to do what I do best as a Health Educator. Of course, I briefly danced around the subject of DEPRESSION. We went further to discuss about many pleasant things via an interactive session... Read more
Joe Nearly Crashed While Texting And Driving
Joe is a middle-aged guy who is addicted to his devices. He nearly lost his life months ago while chatting and driving. Joe has been meaning to write some expensive professional exams, but has been dawdling. He feels he does not have enough time to read up and prepare... Read more
When Your Mind Is A Busy Traffic Jam
Someone actually sent me this message after I shared a post the other day on taking a ‘Dileem Hour‘ -‘Doctor, That’s an amazing idea. I have so many books that I want to read but can’t seem to get time for those. I planned on reading them on morning,... Read more
When Your Hands Are Not Helping You
Phones, devices, computers, and TVs can cause so much bad sleep and yet somehow, it gets overlooked. For some, this is the most problematic addiction in their life right now. Many times the internet is just so noisy and busy that one may have to disconnect awhile. What’s the... Read more
The Dileem Hour

The Dileem Hour

Lifestyle Monday September 26, 2016 2

Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. C and Mr D are four awesome but unique bosses I have been privileged to meet. Mr. A is an administrator and enjoys being a pioneer. He is hung on technology. He purchases every new device released into the market. Mr. B is an... Read more
To sweat or not

To sweat or not

Lifestyle Monday September 18, 2016 8

Bisi sounded hysteric when she called to ask my thoughts about antiperspirants and deodorants. She had been following the trends online and was beginning to get confused. There’s been an ongoing debate about deodorants and antiperspirants for a long time now. A deodorant is not an antiperspirant. An antiperspirant... Read more
He kissed me and realized I have a sweet tooth
I have this friend who has got a very sweet tooth. She decided she wanted to condition her taste buds and asked me steps to in order to go about it.  I commended her on even contemplating the thought because that really,is the first step. If you know you... Read more
How not to gain weight when stressed
When under tremendous stress, I observed I tend to lose weight. I do not feel hungry and I do not even remember to eat. On the other hand, I have a couple of friends who I call ‘stress-eaters.’ They gain weight when under duress because they find an exit... Read more
Addicted to sugar
About that time of the month, I find myself craving Coca-Cola. On several occasions, I impulsively blurt out “I feel like having Coca-Cola” and my close friends just wink knowingly. The human body is quite a wonder and was designed to send messages to us. The human body hardly... Read more
How young are you?
Do you want to grow younger? Do you feel like you are your age? Do you feel older than you really are? Working in Nigeria for over a decade now, I have observed that on many occasions, when I walk into the hospital premises I am addressed as ‘Aunty... Read more