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Doctor Dileem Carrot and Garden Egg Patties
Guess what? Garden eggs and carrots are currently in season. I have a couple of friends who would never have garden eggs if their lives depended on it. Well, I tried this on the same lot of friends and they were asking for more. They could not believe garden... Read more
Dr Dileem Overnight Oats
Growing up, cooked oats was a nay for me. It just would not go past my mouth no matter how hard i tried. I then grew to love raw oats. Now the recipe i will be sharing today is a great one that is safe for diabetics, obese, hypertensives... Read more
Dr Dileem 2 Ingredient Organic Bean Cookie
I have always been adventurous in the kitchen. In addition, being a physician gave me a new perspective and i saw the need for healthy snacks for those with dietary cautions. For years i have been itching to continue this passion of mine, but postgraduate academics got in my... Read more
How To Make Vegetable Fritters To Die For
I had guests coming over and I decided to prepare and serve Edikaikong with Nli-Oka. I realized later that I still had left over Nigerian Ugu. Meanwhile, days before then, I bought Nigerian Zogale aka moringa leaves which I wanted to use for tea, because this harmattan is harsh.... Read more
How To Prepare Coconut Turmeric Ice Cream
I was craving my tasty healthy ice cream . It is a heavenly dollop of healthy creamy goodness finding melting and finding it way down . Preparations for it started yesterday though, but as usual, it was worth it! My home was filled with guests today and we could... Read more
Nigerian Ugu, Carrot And Avocado Salad With Pumpkin Seeds
Yay!!! Its Saturday again and I’m so excited!! Today I am going to try something new! We are going to prepare Nigerian Ugu, Carrot and Avocado Salad with Pumpkin Seeds Nigerian Ugu is rich in lutein, carrots are rich in beta-carotene, avocado is rich in vitamin E and healthy... Read more
Corn Splash

Corn Splash

Recipe Saturday September 16, 2016 4

Bembe loves delicacies prepared using corn. I like to eat corn when it rains and maybe that’s because the rains bring in corn. It rained this morning and there was fresh corn at home, so I decided to try something new for Bembe. Here’s what I prepared: Ingredients: 1.... Read more
Akara that went to Harvard
One day I decided to buy a new pressure cooker. I had asked a friend who came came over to help cook a cup of Nigerian brown beans. Somehow she cooked a cup, but the cup measure she used was about five times bigger than my regular measuring cup.... Read more
Garden egg fries

Garden egg fries

Recipe Saturday September 1, 2016 0

Whoops! Whoops! I have a friend who wouldn’t eat garden eggs – cooked or raw – even for a millions dollars. When she informed me she was coming over, I hurriedly made snacks using them. After she was done eating them, smacking her fingers and downing her drink, I... Read more
Nigerian acha burrito
Today, I will be sharing a very simple recipe. I decided to tweak the way in which I prepare it and it came out fantastic!!!! I will be introducing a meal that may be strange to some, and well known to others. This is one of the advantages of... Read more