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Valentine Flavoured Condoms
Valentine’s is fraught with many ‘wonders shall never end stories.’ Fantasies permeate the atmosphere and Dicks and Ginas look to impress. I shared about various condom types to help achieve pleasurable safe sex for both Dick and Gina during valentine’s and I also shared about the real deal for... Read more
Are You Allergic To Semen?
Bimbo was newly married and dreaded the act of sex with her husband. She cooked up excuses any time her boo made moves to make love to her. She had sought help in many places to no avail. Several failed treatments later, she walked in to my clinic. After... Read more
Penis Captivus- Stuck Genitals
Both of them knew it was coming. For months, their attraction had reached its peak. A romp in between the sheets was the ultimate destination. It didn’t matter if Derin was already married. Their attraction for each other was over the moon. Then it happened. Some days ago. Having... Read more
His And Hers

His And Hers

Sexy Sunday November 26, 2016 0

Boye is a successful accountant who has been steadily climbing his career ladder as at when due. He had got to the point where he felt he was too busy at work to create time for his spouse. He felt she was becoming a bore and a nag who... Read more
Bobo, You Don’t Have Time For Her Anymore!
Funke is newly married and she shared a burden when she came visiting at the clinic. She was worried because she felt her husband had no time for her anymore. So, being a physician, I can ask questions for Africa o. Well, that is not unique to me, generally... Read more
Did Recession Affect Your Bedmatics?
Omo, No Be Small Thing Oh! So due to economic crisis rocking the country lately, bedmatics have begun to suffer more. I told the last couple I had see me yesterday not to allow circumstances steal one of life’s gifts to us. Hmmn! Well, this time I would be... Read more
Talk Is Cheap,But Not So Cheap!
So I was invited to share a few tips with the ladies and I went asking them how the tempo goes in the bedroom. By that I meant, what ladies said to their partners. I asked them if it was just ‘hush hush,’ and ‘holy holy.’ You are learning... Read more
When you are his lady!

When you are his lady!

Sexy Sunday September 25, 2016 0

Mr and Mrs Abbeywhite had definitely taken it to the next level and had discovered new levels of bliss and intimacy together. In addition to the earlier tips I shared with Mrs Abbeywhite, I suggested these some more easy steps: 1. Breathe and rock Sit on the bed or... Read more
Releasing your inner goddess
Mr and Mrs Abbeywhite had been married for five years. At the inception of their union, sex was truly spicy. From the bedroom to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the sitting room, their creativity knew no bounds. In the fifth year, it became noticeable that their fireworks had... Read more
Enough, let’s reinvent old wives tales
A few days ago a dear one said to me ‘Doctor you always talk about great sex. How does one have great sex?’ Like I would always say and said to her ‘everyone deserves to enjoy great sex, but great sex involves two.’ Here are a few tips: 1.... Read more