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Melanie Segard is a 21 year old woman bubbling with life. She loved parties lighted with disco lights and the loud bass from highly powered speakers. Melanie’s had a job at a packaging company but her dream was to be a weather newscaster on television. Now Melanie suffered Down’s... Read more
Why I Passed Out After She Said Hi
Cecil walked into my office, smiling sheepishly at me. I beckoned on her to sit down. “Hi, Cecil.” She replied me. I didn’t know when I died and resurrected following the waft of foul air that oozed out of her mouth. I quickly excused myself and stepped out for... Read more
Who Stole My Undies?
Way back in school, there were many incidents of underwears being lost or stolen and it always amazed me. I remember as kids, under panties were not shared and if one had to do away with old ones, moms would cut them up in pieces and burn them so... Read more
So Your Menses Heralds Bumps?
  Bimpe who’s 17years strolled into the clinic but found it difficult to disclosing to me that she had bumps on her vulva because she found it embarassing.   Lots of teenagers that are new to the business of seeing their menses seem to be troubled by rashes and... Read more
Hell No! Lucia Can’t Be Pregnant!
Lucia was 17 years and had not seen her period for the fourth month going. She had hoped it was just a prolonged absence of menstrual bleeding and nothing to worry about. The teen years can be difficult. There may be seasons in a teen’s life that can be heartbreaking... Read more
I Said No And Didn’t Have To Feel Bad
Ezinne, being a teenager was under pressure by Zeb to befriend him. She had tried to avoid him on several counts but he always seemed to show up all the time. Her heart had begun skipping when Zeb showed up; this was new to her and she barely knew... Read more
Bumps and grumps!

Bumps and grumps!

Teens Tuesday September 6, 2016 4

School had resumed and Ada donned her clean and well pressed uniform,well made hairstyle of the week and was good to go. She felt excited and thought she looked good. So, she headed for and looked into the mirror. Behold,a giant angry pimple was staring back at her. Ada’s... Read more
Hmn, I did not sweat yesterday,so my underwear is still clean.
Yesterday morning at the clinic, I hugged one of my female teen friends who came in to say “Hi.” I had perceived a whiff of a mix of scents and reacted with a sneeze. It was not the perfume she wore. I could not figure out the exact odour,... Read more
Oops, I did it again!
Still on shaving tips for teen girls, I had a teenager who unknowingly used a hair removing cream to moisturize herself all over, walk into my consulting room. Of course there was no cause for alarm by the time she was at the clinic, except that her eyebrows were... Read more
After-shave itch and bumps in teens
Do you experience itching after shaving? Do you experience after-shave bumps? A beautiful teenager walked into my office last week and after much persuasion because she was shy, she explained her reason for coming. She had shaved her bikini area using a disposable shaving stick and was experiencing unbearable... Read more