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Shaving tips,just for girls
Are you a female teenager? Got female teens?   I was at work some days ago and some teenager walked in to see me. She came in because she wanted to remove her body hair and was dreading the pain she had witnessed during the traditional body waxing process... Read more
Great hygiene habits in teens
Are you having a hard time getting your teenagers to imbibe great hygiene habits? Here are some tips concluding a post I’d shared before: 1. Changing clothes. Before puberty, a preteen kid may have gotten away with wearing the same shirt or even the same underwear and same socks,... Read more
Habits teens must embrace
During the transition from preteen to teen years, the body begins to change When it comes to teen hygiene here’s a rundown: Habits Teens Must Embrace: 1. Taking Baths Most preteens don’t bathe twice daily, and they don’t need to. Once puberty hits, daily showering becomes essential. I recommend... Read more
Importance of teens hygiene
While I was in secondary school, a friend of my mom came visiting one day. She had just got a new house-help and complained to my mom. “My house-help has body odour, bad breath and is very dirty,” she lamented. The girl was 13 years old. At that age,... Read more
The difficult teenager
It’s not uncommon for your previously polite and well-mannered child to turn into a rude and disobedient teenager. It can be pretty frustrating for any parent who truly desires to raise awesome and effective children. Well, while it’s important that you don’t allow an ill-mannered young adult to be... Read more