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I am glad you were able to attend the live instagram chat that addressed teen issues during this Covid-19 period.

With respect to learning from home, Parents have complaints, Teenagers also.

Some teenagers have just suddenly realised that they are found wanting with regards to their academics.

This audio book has helped kids, pupils, teenagers and even parents who listen to it to become grounded and to receive academic strength.

It initially set out as a study , to see how well pupils and students who were learning from home responded to the Audio book.

They listened to the audio book just before every online learning session and after every learning session and then slept well at night. This helps to solidify the information learnt, strengthen brain neuron formation and seal memory. Of course, many have sent in feedbacks of memory improvement and i expect you to share your feedbacks with me also.

This audiobook is a simple audio book that is only a few minutes long. It goes originally for 5,ooo naira  but  because of your participation in the Instagram live class tonight, it will be going for a discount at   5000naira  60% =  2000naira. This offer was to be up only for the rest of tonight, but in the spirit of the upcoming ramadan celebrations, it would run for 24hrs only. After 24hrs this promo would no longer be available.

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