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Consequences of skipping breakfast
Are you aware of the consequences of skipping breakfast? It is such a bright day today. Last week I shared on ‘The Myth Of Skipping Breakfast’ and this is the concluding post. Many of us skip breakfast and I used be like that. You see, by not eating a... Read more
Natural Aphrodisiacs
“Hmmn, I think say he sabi do sef. Just one round him don pack up like vegetable.” “My wife is an awesome and hardworking business executive, but when it comes to having sex with me, she’s just not in the game.” Warning : THIS IS ADDRESSED TO MARRIED COUPLES... Read more
Golden melon bowls
I’m excited and over the moon with joy. Let’s try something exciting today, can we? Alright we are going to prepare GOLDEN MELON BOWLS   Golden melons, also called sweet melons, are in season, so you can grab as many as you can. Golden melon bowls are perfect for a... Read more
Do you love honey?
Honey is not new as its use dates centuries and civilizations back. Honey is considered as a balanced diet. I know a tribe that lives on only honey and milk. It further illustrates the rich constituents of honey. Of recent there has been an increase in awareness for NATURAL... Read more
Fruit and veggie wash
Doctors say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It shows the importance of fruits and vegetables in keeping us alive and healthy. Quite painful is that when you visit our open markets, you’ll see fruits and vegetables ‘fighting’ with flies. That can easily put off anyone, right?... Read more
The difficult teenager
It’s not uncommon for your previously polite and well-mannered child to turn into a rude and disobedient teenager. It can be pretty frustrating for any parent who truly desires to raise awesome and effective children. Well, while it’s important that you don’t allow an ill-mannered young adult to be... Read more
Myths about skipping breakfast
Hello dear, it is such a beautiful Monday. In our world of ever-increasing demand on time, lots of folks have come to embrace a habit of skipping breakfast. Is this good or bad? Read on. Skipping breakfast puts strain on your body by continuing the state of fasting. When... Read more
Kissing and being kissed
Sexy Tip! About Kissing and Being Kissed This is addressed to ‘MARRIED COUPLES ONLY’ NSo, if you’re not married, copy this down somewhere and wait for the D-day. Kissing is exactly what it is – Kissing.There are different types of kisses but the one I am addressing today is... Read more
Danger of cooking with oils past their smoking point
It is foodie Friday The Danger Of Cooking With Oils Past Their Smoking Point. Yes, oils have smoking point. This brings to mind the popular practice of bleaching palm oil in the kitchen. Cooking with healthy oils is great for your body, but it’s important to consider the type... Read more
Got puffy eyes?
Do It Yourself Tip. Do you wake up on some days with puffy eyes and dark circles under your eyes like one who cried sore at a burial? Has it been bothering you that yearned to reduce the occurrence? Did you know that lying or sleeping on your back... Read more