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Unhappy woman in your bed Unhappy woman in your bed
Lately I have received complaints from my male clients on the topic of sex. I am unsure as to whether it is because of... Unhappy woman in your bed

Lately I have received complaints from my male clients on the topic of sex. I am unsure as to whether it is because of the rains.

When it gets to the sexual life of my clients, something I hear from men more often than you would think is ‘women do not really enjoy sex’ or ‘but my wife does not enjoy sex.’

I would like to address this misconception and yes, this is aimed more at men than women, so maybe you should pass it along to other men.

Women want sex just as much as men do if not more, but we are programmed by society not to admit that, we are told its shameful or slutty behaviour.

I promise you guys, we are secretly thinking about you slipping inside us just as much as you are. We just don’t want to be judged or made to feel like a slut about it.

Here is the thing though, women want good sex and great sex.

Actually we all want great sex, but let’s not pile the expectations too high!


For the guy saying ‘my wife does not really enjoy sex’ , my friend, the reality is if there is no serious past issue blocking her sexual enjoyment or wrong preconceived myth and notions, she just does not enjoy sex with you!

Unfortunately the vast majority of men are just average boring lovers in bed, so the reality is that their women probably are not enjoying sex that much.

You see, men will still have sex even if it is below par, because once they have started they just want to cum.

However sex means more emotionally to a woman, so if she feels disappointed by sex with you she is in no particular hurry to repeat it. Yes, you got that right.

We genuinely think things like ‘well that was boring why the should I do that again?’ Then we start to resent repeat episodes and heap excuse upon excuse.

Guys if you have only ever stuck to the ‘wham, bam, thank you Ma’am’ (what I call Log In, Log Out Syndrome) without making sure she is having a good time, you need to know that women take that personally.

We literally end up feeling betrayed and unloved, because you have not made the effort to figure out what gives us pleasure!

Man, care enough to make more effort in bed.

Man, stop being lazy in bed.

Man, stop the boring monotonous routine

Else, you may be fanning the ‘Kiss of death’ in your relationship.

It is weird that lots of men out there do not understand why they should learn how to please a woman.

To be honest, men like to think they are great in bed, but it is a very small percentage of men that can classify themselves as sexual gods; the ones that leave us panting for more and willing to crawl over glass to get some more.

Let us just for arguments sake assume that you and all your mates are in the average category.
Then of course, your experience is that you want sex more than your women do.

I get that makes it very hard to believe women enjoy or want sex more than men do.
It is sad that in reality a great percentage of our men fall in here!

Women do love great sex and cannot get enough of it but only when you become a great lover will you get to see this.

Let me give you some physical proof: womens’ brains are wired to experience 10 times more pleasure during sex and orgasm than men do.

A woman also has about 100 times more nerve endings in her clitoris and g-spot than a man does in his penis. So, you have your job already cut out for you.

That is why when she is having mind blowing multiple orgasms she will literally lose control, claw at her man’s back, writhe all over the place screaming and making noises you never even knew she could make.

Women do not hit their sexual peak until their 30’s (boys around 17).

So think about it this way: the average 35 year old woman is sex obsessed only she is just better at repressing it.

Deep down, we all want to go crazy with our partners.

Gentlemen, on the path to being a truly great lover, please accept that we want sex as much as you do but it just has to be good sex.

Now go out and learn how to be that lover, because the power and ego boost you will get from seeing your woman lose control, knowing you are the one that drew it out of her, is priceless!

Go ahead and do have a blast!

I love you, I love your health.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem.

Nkem Ndiche Director

Medical Doctor | Your Favourite Family Physician | Entrepreneur | Lifestyle And Organic Chef | Author. Kano,Nigeria 234064

  • Ademola

    March 4, 2018 #1 Author

    Interesting write-up. However, the main issue why most guys would want to stay in the dark yet keep complaining is that they really don’t know how to move from knowledge to “delivering” premium performance to their spouse/partner.


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