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11 Tips To Prevent Swimming Accidents At Home 11 Tips To Prevent Swimming Accidents At Home
I have been crying all day because I am a fan of DBanj. I have been asking myself over and over again how this... 11 Tips To Prevent Swimming Accidents At Home

I have been crying all day because I am a fan of DBanj. I have been asking myself over and over again how this could have happened. Well, mistakes happen.


Children should be protected at all times from preventable accidents because they are obviously at higher risk of accidents like this.

My heart and sincere condolences goes to Dbanj and his family during this trying period. May the soul of his son-David the third, rest in perfect peace.Amen!

Having recovered from my binge crying, I decided to express myself as usual; though I still find myself sniffing in between.
Water bodies can great places for fun, exercise and relaxation, but they can be dangerous for kids if parents don’t take proper precautions. I earlier shared tips here about preventing kids from falling into a well.

How To Prevent Swimming Accidents At Home:

1. Kids need constant supervision around water. Whether it’s in a bathtub, wading pool or swimming pool. Always watch children closely whenever they are in or near water. They can drown in less than 6cm/2inches of water. So, this means that drowning can happen where you least expect-buckets, toilet bowl or sink.

2. Do not give your child unsupervised access to the swimming pool.

3. Remove all toys from the pool area. Anything that may tempt a child to enter the swimming pool without supervision should be put away. Toys can be alluring to them.

4. Do not assume that because your child knows how to swim is not a risk for drowning. All kids in water need to be supervised.

5. Floatation devices should be worn by kids whenever they are in the swimming pool. Ensure they fit snugly on the child.

6. Fence standard swimming pools. Ensure the fence stands about 130cm high with no handrails or foot rails for kids to climb onto.

7. Kids should not play around the pool.

8. Keep water safety a priority.

9. Make sure kids wear foot protection. They should wear aqua socks or water shoes even inside the water.

10. Maintain the drain covers in your swimming pool. Improperly maintained drain covers can create suction that will hold a child under water.

11. Learn to swim, before you have a standard swimming pool installed in your home.

12. Learn CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).

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