Dr.Nkem Ndiche M.B;B.S, Dip.Leadership, aNIM, aWACP, FMCFM, MHEcons, Culinary Medicine Specialist

Dr. Nkem is a Board Certified Consultant Family Physician Specialist and a Culinary Medicine enthusiast with a passion for Health Education.

Over 20yrs ago, she started her journey with a WHO training in Southern Africa and Zimbabwe
She has since worked with Military Hospitals, State Government Hospitals, CocaCola and MultiNationals

She has a mission to help people live longer, healthier lives.
She is the Pioneer and Principal of DoctorDileem Medical Academy; the first of its kind in Nigeria where she shares simple, practical, quality health tips for you, your family and your business organisation.


My latest book

Healthy Guide to Bible Fasting

Helping people Cope better with difficulties encountered while fasting especially those who suffer Headaches, Heartburn, Indigestion, Ulcer, Intermiitent Gastritis, Hypertension, Diabetes

Doctor Nkem Ndiche

M.B;B.S, Dip.Leadership, aNIM, aWACP, FMCFM, MHEcons, Culinary Medicine Specialist

About DoctorDileem contd.

Committed to propagating the benefits of making informed choices in the health and longevity knowledge industry, she began to educate the public on health promotion and disease prevention. She went ahead to set up DoctorDileem Medical Academy, arguably, the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa.
DoctorDileem Medical Academy is a platform dedicated to educating, motivating executives, professionals, businessmen and women to embrace healthy lifestyle practices with a view to prevent, treat and reverse diseases.

DoctorDileem Medical Academy is one stop solution for exclusive personal lifestyle, customized meal plans, personal and customised health information awareness and management.

Her passion for public health education is expressed in speaking and writing. Doctor Dileem hosts Tales from the consulting room a podcast and co-host SGHS; aFacebook platform currently with over 209,000 followers.

Over the years, DoctorDileem has been able to successfully help people and staff members of business organisations with secrets to achieving a Longer, Healthier Life.

Helping You, Your Family & Your Business Organisation Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Why I Started DoctorDileem Medical Academy

I feel exasperated and despondent about negative health events, health outcomes and health experiences shared with me by patients or members of the public.

While it feels like the system may have failed many, I believe everyone ought to take responsibility for their own health Grossly erroneous, unregulated medical and health messages are shared over media including social media and real life.

It breaks my heart to see folks misguidedly swallow such medical and health misinformation, myths and oldwives fables hook, line and sinker. Worse, is that even intellectuals are caught up in this web. My heart bleeds every time this happens.

In my professional experience:

  • Many have health needs.
  • Many have health questions.
  • Many need a medical and health confidant.
  • Many need appropriate health messages that will influence their lives and their health outcomes.
  • Many do not want to die needless deaths attributable to ignorance of accurate health information.

I understand these as a Board Certified Consultant Family Physician Specialist who began this journey many years ago I bust health myths into oblivion and offer options for informed health choices.

I have facilitated trainings on radio, virtually and in various organizations.

Think about it, nobody should be miserable because of poor health and lifestyle choices when Doctor Dileem is here to help.

I love you, I love your health.

Doctor Dileem

Communication is Oxygen

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