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Penis Captivus- Stuck Genitals
Both of them knew it was coming. For months, their attraction had reached its peak. A romp in between the sheets was the ultimate destination. It didn’t matter if Derin was already married. Their attraction for each other was over the moon. Then it happened. Some days ago. Having... Read more
Prevent Deaths From Dog Bites In Your Children
Scared of dog bites? Habibu Barrow,8 year-old son of Gambian president-elect Adama Barrow was killed by a dog some days ago. Deaths from dog bites are what I term ‘unnecessary deaths.’ In our clime, stray dogs roam the streets. While the circumstances under which the Habibu was bitten are... Read more
Child Safety- How Safe Is Your Child’s Environment
On this fateful day, Praise, a 4year old boy went visiting with his mom. His mom with another baby strapped on her back, was happily jisting away with her friend whom they went visiting. Praise, gleefully set free went playing into the streets. Unknown to the child, there was... Read more
Planning For Baby’s Safe Delivery
Somewhere in Ikorodu, Lagos State a woman was in the final stages of labour. Labour was becoming longer than necessary and after much effort, the baby refused to come out. The so called nurse attending, viciously stuck her hand into the port of entry and out came the baby’s... Read more
Falling  In  Love  With  A  Mannequin
In the beautiful land of Zimbabwe, a man strolled across the streets. He swayed from side to side and it became obvious that he was drunk. This man ran and stopped in front of a high brow boutique. The boutique displayed lovely and beautiful female mannequins. This man rushed... Read more
MMM Freeze And Crash; Surviving It
Being a brownie member in primary school, I learnt the motto of our sister group boys scout is ‘Be Prepared.’ Few days ago, a friend wrote that the most important day in history may well be January 14, 2017 which should supposedly coincide with the unfreezing of MMM Nigeria.... Read more
How You Can Escape A Fatal Car Crash Like I Did
On that fateful day, having earlier had all requirements for my car in place, I embarked on my journey. I use an automatic-gear box controlled car and while I was driving, suddenly, my car started rolling backwards. I suddenly realized I had lost control of my car. The end... Read more
Some Health Implications Of Honeymoon
So you have never heard of side effects of honeymoon ! Hmmn. Ada is a healthy young woman who enjoys her job working with a consultancy firm. Ada lived in Nigeria while her husband lives abroad. Her husband came back for their wedding and was to stay back for... Read more
Must Dos For Your Boob-Health
October is BOOB month but I will not fail to make my contribution I love my boobs and I know many love theirs too. Our men too are crazy about the boobs of their ladies. It is sad that in this part of the world, the lives of many... Read more
10 Tips To Prevent Car Motion Sickness
  My baby brother came into town the other day and while I was excited having him around, it suddenly became a ‘day-mare’. He came by road and was tired; he had a headache and decided to lie down. The next thing was I heard him vomiting. He vomited... Read more