He kissed me and realized I have a sweet tooth

I have this friend who has got a very sweet tooth. She decided she wanted to condition her taste buds and asked me steps to in order to go about it. 

I commended her on even contemplating the thought because that really,is the first step.

If you know you are addicted to sugar and that you always will be, then this is for you.

The thing about refined sugar is that it is addictive and it is really bad for your health.

Taking a full nose dive, it takes 14 days to wean yourself off refined sugar, so if you can go a full 14 days you will start to feel amazing.
Here you go:

1. Don’t give up before the miracle.

You may feel awful for a few days because you may develop unpleasant feelings which may include headaches, irritation, even nausea. Stick with it. These feelings would not kill you.

2. Drink tons of water, you will survive to see another day!

3. Yes, you can eat fruit. But don’t go haywire with it.

4. Beware of hidden sugars in almost all processed foods.
Get good about reading ingredient labels.

5. Prepare for your challenge by creating all kinds of delicious alternatives that will satisfy your taste buds. You can try fruit dipped in plain yogurt.

6. I promise you will feel amazing after one week off carbonated drinks. Remember they increase belly fat.

7. Always carry snacks with you such as nuts, roasted seeds.

8. Drink tons of green tea too (hot or iced).

9. Anticipate challenges and be prepared for them. For example, it might be a habit for you to buy carbonated drinks when you go to the cinema or eat out.
Make sure you have planned a great alternative. When I go to a restaurant, I ask for a bottle of water instead.

10. Allowing yourself to get hungry is a fast recipe for disaster. You tend to strecth out for that bottle of carbonated drink.

Eating proper balanced meals like this will ensure that you keep your energy levels good for the day.
Once you are weaned off sugar for 14 days, you will start to experience sweetness as your taste buds were supposed to taste it.

An apple will suddenly taste stunningly sweet.
This is a great place to get to. This is your default sweet spot.

Get excited about the way you are going to feel, and the gift you are giving your body.

I love you,I love your health.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem.

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