How young are you?

Do you want to grow younger?

Do you feel like you are your age?

Do you feel older than you really are?

Working in Nigeria for over a decade now, I have observed that on many occasions, when I walk into the hospital premises I am addressed as ‘Aunty Nurse’ at first.

This is despite wearing bold name-tags over my doctor’s overall.

Now, I am not sure if it is because of my looks or because I am female.

I feel so young that I have been labeled ‘Teenager At Heart.’

I am of the belief that you are as young as you feel.

Chronological age means nothing at all because a fit and healthy sixty-something can easily give an unfit twenty year-old a serious run for his or her money.

I see it over and over.

My boss has such a health routine that many of his contemporaries can’t keep up with his strength at past 60 years of age.

It’s probably because I do make my wellness a major priority.

Do I feel like guzzling green juices, meditating and doing excruciatingly hard resistance training? Absolutely not.

I’d much rather be lolling around in a cozy robe.

But, I want to grow YOUNGER in mind, body and spirit, so I have to do the work.

Here’s how:

1. Exercise harder than you think you need to every single day.

It doesn’t really matter what exercise it is, as long as it challenges you to move beyond what you could do yesterday.

2. Meditate: For at 5- 30 minutes daily.

I just DO it every day.

During this time, I observed I get lots of ideas.

3. Un-process your diet.

You need a bunch of nutrients from your diet and the sure way to make sure you are getting them in their best possible form is to eat minimally processed foods.

This means generally trying to avoid foods that come in boxes, packets and cans.

It means avoiding refined grains and sugars.

My friends, the easiest way of ‘un-processing’ your diet is to try to cook every meal from scratch.

Easy and effortless? Heck NO!

When I get in the kitchen and commit to cooking a whole meal from scratch, I slow down and end up enjoying myself.

4. Full On Beauty Regime.

Most of us need a LOT more attention and care when it comes to how and what we put on our skin and hair.

You can start with great skin and hair moisturizers.

5. Sleep. Most of us really do need good sleep.

There is no getting away from it.

Get to bed earlier than you think you need to.

Even if you can’t sleep, you can read a book until you drop off.

Lack of sleep has been shown to be a major factor in premature aging.

6. Vitamins And Minerals. Make sure you are receiving a good daily dose

7. Live and Let Live. Let go and laugh.

By nature and choice I am a jolly fellow.

Have fun!

Are you having a lot of fun in your life right now?

Do you laugh a lot? If not, it might be time to do so.

Laughter is freeing, healing, and always the best medicine.

Laughter is more potent than an anti-aging serum, and best of all, it’s free!

I love you, I love your health.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem

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