Myths about skipping breakfast

Hello dear, it is such a beautiful Monday.

In our world of ever-increasing demand on time, lots of folks have come to embrace a habit of skipping breakfast.

Is this good or bad? Read on.

Skipping breakfast puts strain on your body by continuing the state of fasting.

When you and your family get ready for school or work in the morning, you hastily do your morning routine duties/activities, but you may not always eat breakfast.

Skipping breakfast may save time during this morning routine, but it can have consequences later.

Don’t consider breakfast an option; make it a mandatory part of your family’s morning routine.

Starting the day with breakfast also reduces your risk of extreme hunger by lunch, preventing you from indulging yourself.

People who eat breakfast may consume fewer calories in a day.

The consequences of not eating a healthy breakfast don’t just affect you during the morning hours before lunch.

It is proven that they have an impact on you all day long.

A few reasons people skip breakfast are:

– Getting up too late.

– Not feeling hungry

– Nothing to eat.

– Stress. People often become so focused on a project or so stressed and overwhelmed that they truly don’t experience hunger.

There is a reason for this. Stress hormones can blunt hunger.

So, since time is precious, it’s easy to postpone eating. The next thing you know, it’s dinner time, and you have not yet had lunch.

The breakfast skippers that I work with usually say, “I’m not hungry in the morning.”

If you’re the same way, it is likely that you have conditioned your body over a number of years not to be hungry.

When hunger is ignored often enough, you don’t feel it! Nonetheless, your body still needs to be fed.

By not eating a healthy breakfast, you cheat yourself all day.

Several detrimental consequences affect your work performance and ability to focus. This is in addition to consequences that affect your health.

I’ll share these consequences in a subsequent message.

Keep tabs!

Have a fabulous Monday!

I love you, I love your health

Your favourite family physician,
Doctor Dileem

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