So you do not like to drink water!

You may be doing yourself more harm than good.

In Nigeria, most people are probably not drinking enough water.

These days, drinking water is no longer for health buffs, it is beginning to get trendy!

On waking up, part of my routine is to gulp 500ml of water (equivalent to one Nigerian satchet water).

Before heading to work, I toss a vacuum flask of water into my carrier bag.

While drinking water is an all-encompassing health solution, keeping our bodies optimally hydrated is extremely important.

Water is required to regulate our body temperature and get rid of excessive heat.

Water is crucial in maintaining kidney function and clearing out toxins that naturally build up from our day to day activities.

When you take a sip, your body knows exactly where to send the water.

The body is smart and it will use water as needed.

Assuming you’re healthy, a glass might go toward adding fluid to your bloodstream or helping flush out toxins.

And you don’t have to gulp down tons of water. If you drink more than needed, you’ll simply pee out the excess

When you don’t get enough, your body — and brain — suffers.


1. Mood disturbances which lead to anxiety, fatigue, grumpiness, difficulty concentrating.

2. Constipation

While many of the signs on this list are symptoms of mild dehydration (which are easily corrected by having a drink), constipation can be a sign of more long term dehydration. Your bowels need water to keep things moving.

When your large intestines absorbs too much water, it makes stools hard, lumpy, and difficult to pass.

Drinking up, is a good way to treat the problem.

3. Poor Exercise Performance

Exercising is a recipe for getting super sweaty, but if you sweat too much, you should replace it with fluids, like the footballers do.

You can pre-hydrate 20 to 30 minutes prior to exercise with 2-3glasses of water.

4. Peeing Problems

When there’s not enough water running through your body, your kidneys won’t produce much urine. Because the urine is more concentrated, you’ll probably notice a stronger odour to it along with a darker colour.

The highly concentrated stuff can also make peeing a tiny bit uncomfortable and irritating.

5. Headaches

Even mild dehydration can bring on persistent headache. Those who fast can relate.

For migraine and tension headache sufferers, dehydration is a trigger.


Gauging if you’re drinking enough water can be as simple as checking how you feel.

If you’re not feeling tired, headachy, or seeing dark urine, then you’re probably properly hydrated.

Have you had water today?

Water, e no get enemy!!

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem.

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