When Your Hands Are Not Helping You

Phones, devices, computers, and TVs can cause so much bad sleep and yet somehow, it gets overlooked. For some, this is the most problematic addiction in their life right now.

Many times the internet is just so noisy and busy that one may have to disconnect awhile.

What’s the solution? It’s called the ‘Dileem Hour’

A ‘Dileem Hour’ is very easy!

Taking a Dileem Hour means that you just don’t use technology one hour before bed; shun technology!

The idea is to make the environment as distraction free as possible.

Other things taking a Dileem Hour can help you achieve is:

1. Wrapping up the day properly

2. Helps me develop a fantastic collection of great notes. By the way, did you know that people who take notes with pen and paper retain more and are less distracted than those who take notes with their devices?

3. I get a nice book (hard copy of course) and I learn new things through concentrated reading

4.It makes me consciously wind down the day and plan the next day.

5. Finish all your tasks for the day, set your alarm for the next morning, then put all device far from you.

If you have tried this and relapsed, keep trying again, there’s no harm in that!

You will sleep so much better.

I will be sharing more subsequently, do keep tabs!

I love you, I love your health.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem.

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