When Your Mind Is A Busy Traffic Jam

Someone actually sent me this message after I shared a post the other day on taking a ‘Dileem Hour‘ -‘Doctor, That’s an amazing idea. I have so many books that I want to read but can’t seem to get time for those. I planned on reading them on morning, but waking up early became a bigger challenge. I will definitely give this a try.’

Many can relate with this.

I shared sometime on the ‘When Your Hands Are Not Helping You’ and my inbox has been flooded with messages of attempts and benefits that accrued.

My head was noisy and I took a ‘Dileem hour’ the other day; boy, it turned into days. There were some books I had in my library which I realized I had not read and needed a lot of catching up to do. You know now, the year is fast rounding up.

Infact, my devices really experienced a downtime as I had no time for them but I had myself an ‘Up Time.’ My brain was uncluttered.

For some who have had challenges and stopped, I would like to congratulate you and reiterate that:

You will notice it’s difficult at first unless you literally set a time to start at (shut off your television, set alarm and put devices away from bed, turn off computers).That will make it a lot easier

Also get a nice book and notebook ready and start learning something new; plus you’ll sleep so much better!

Just like anything, this takes PRACTICE. Grab a good book you’re interested in reading and try that out. Reading is the perfect mixture of learning something new plus helping you fall asleep.

Also, get that TV out of your bedroom!

Actively taking notes I’d say is one of the huge advantages one could have over others.


Your brain only retains so much, so why not write it down? Later when you peruse the notes, your brain lights up with ideas. It’s amazing. At times when I look through some old notes, I get amazed at what was written by me.

When I lose my notes, I mourn the loss because it means I lost some jackpot.

For those who sleep with phones and pads on their pillow, this will be a well-deserved break. Hopefully, you get to experience the benefits.

Do keep tabs for subsequent posts.

I love you, I love your health.

Your favourite family physician,

Doctor Dileem

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