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 AKA Dr.Nkem Ndiche M.B;B.S, Dip.Leadership, aNIM, aWACP, FMCFM, MHEcons, Culinary Medicine Specialist

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Doctor Nkem Ndiche

M.B;B.S, Dip.Leadership, aNIM, aWACP, FMCFM, MHEcons, Culinary Medicine Specialist

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Dr Nkem Ndiche better known as Doctor Dileem Is a Board Certified Consultant Family Physician Specialist and a Culinary Medicine enthusiast with a passion for Public Health Education via storytelling

Doctor Dileem bagged her MBBS, from the prestigious College of Medicine, University of Lagos and is a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. Doctor Dileem holds a Masters Degree in Health Economics and a Certification in Culinary Medicine

DoctorDileem has made several presentations at National and International conferences. She has received awards in recognition for her contributions


Experience as A Family Physician Specialist and Culinary Medicine Physician

Doctor Dileem who is a Board Certified Family Physician Specialist is also certified in Culinary Medicine and consequently, a Culinary Medicine Physician.
Culinary Medicine blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine while attempting to improve a person’s health and longevity.
Doctor Dileem is trained to understand the dietary needs of various individuals and has a unique albeit uncanny ability to design novel customized nutritious recipes, snacks and meal plans that are both tasty and healthy.
She has helped thousands of individuals initiate healthier feeding practices to improve their health and longevity.


Helping You, Your Family & Business Organization Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

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The short film, Shuru is how I lend my voice against the vice of rape in our communities. My only request is that you too lend your voice too. I am counting on you

The Book! Healthy Guide To Bible Fasting

Helping people cope better with difficulties encountered while fasting especially who suffer headaches, heartburn, Indigestion, Ulcer, Intermittent Gastritis, Hypertension, Diabetes.

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